Meet Stuttter

Stuttter, like WordPress on the surface, is both product and organization. Spiritually it is a conduit for rethinking WordPress from the outside in. It’s a way to independently test the waters for what we can do with it, without deviating from it’s history, beauty, charm, and chutzpah. For me, it’s an empty canvas for code, and a […]

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Keyboard 2: Dvorak Bugaloo

Received my Apple Magic Keyboard 2 in the mail today, and promptly decapitated it to relocate the keys to match the Dvorak layout. The caps on these newly designed keys are different than previous generations and MacBooks, so before you break out your splunger and start popping and caps-locking, you’ll want to read the following […]

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WP Chosen

The WP Chosen plugin tames the power of WordPress’s filters, settings, and options with the simplicity and versatility of the Chosen jQuery library. I took some time to think about the recent passing of an old friend, and concluded the way to celebrate his life (and contributions to mine) was to build and open-source something […]

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Yesterday, I tweeted about the recent Volkswagen debacle: Volkswagen losing 1/5 its value is a reminder that your reputation is constantly in question, success is relative, and ethics always wins. — John James Jacoby (@JJJ) September 23, 2015 It got me thinking about the WordPress community, who the major players are, and where I might […]

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TL;DR – I have them, I can control them, but my dog can’t. When I was a boy, maybe 3 or 4 years old, I remember my parents had a retired greyhound named Taffy. She was pretty old, and shy, and I could tell she really loved me even though all I wanted to do […]

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I’m difficult to work with

When I was in third grade, my elementary school guidance counselor setup a meeting with my parents and I to talk about my behavior. I’ll spare you the details, but the gist is that “John has a high comprehension level and enormous potential but does not apply himself.” Whether or not that was or is […]

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