Defining Success

As a wee lad growing up in the 80’s, “success” was pretty clear: Watch TV Play video games Listen to whatever music my parents do Eat more sugar Become an astronaut Pretend to be sick to avoid school Avoid gross girls What the heck is the internet? As a teenage man in the 90’s, “success” got a little […]

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In 2010 I took a job with the fine folks at Automattic. Having been contributing to WordPress, BuddyPress, and bbPress since 2007, working with the biggest company in the WordPress ecosystem seemed like the next logical step in my career. If you somehow haven’t heard of them, they’re a great company with open-source in it’s heart and […]

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Remembering Jennifer

Yesterday, Christmas Eve morning, Jennifer was shot multiple times and found dead at the scene. As I unpreparedly rerun each increasingly fuzzy memory I have of her, I feel joy in remembering someone special I hadn’t considered in a while — and I pity the miserable person who was convinced that taking her life was […]

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