I’m an Automattician!

Today was a very awesome day for me; it was my first full day as a Code Wrangler with Automattic, Inc.

First, I’m really excited about the opportunity to work with such amazing, talented, and ulta-cool people on a daily basis. Over the past 2 years I’ve had the pleasure of meeting a fair number of Automattic employees at various WordCamps across the US. They all do-what-they-love and love-what-they-do, and to say that this has been a goal of mine would be an understatement; it’s a dream job come true.

Second, I’ll continue to support my existing WordPress plugins. If you use anything that I’ve written or helped develop, that will keep on keeping-on. Regarding BuddyPress and bbPress, those are still very much full-steam-ahead, as well as some other really neat implementations of both of those projects.

Third, I’ll be available for speaking opportunities at more WordCamps and conferences. When I was working freelance I really needed to budget my time and finances months in advance, and consider the out-of-pocket cost to my family and my business for each individual trip. That made it really hard to cherry pick which ones to visit since the decision was directly linked to how much gas I had in the car and how full the refrigerator was. Now I’ll be able to be more involved with the community again, not just at WordCamps, but the support forums, IRC, and other various conferences (which as a brief aside is something I’ve really been missing lately.)

Lastly, I’m appreciative of everyone that I’ve met in the WordPress community. The past few years have been amazing, and words can’t express how excited I am for what the future holds for me at Automattic.

Author: JJJ

BuddyPress, bbPress, BackPress, WordPress. Flox, 10up, Automattic.

23 thoughts on “I’m an Automattician!”

  1. Congrats, friend.🙂

    It’s a complete understatement to say this was deserved. Been waiting to read this post for months now — can’t wait to see what’s in store. (Ha, get it?)

  2. Congratulations, John! Thrilled to hear about this news and to anticipate all of the WordPress and BuddyPress goodness that will come of it! Looking forward to raising a glass in celebration with you soon.

  3. Congrats to my No#2 son🙂 Yes, in the “Real World”, you do take naps, have a cute pup, (altho I preferred your cat’s🙂, you are an excellent record spinner, and last but not least, you are loved, and an amazing young man!!!!!
    Missing you of course!!

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