Verizon FIOS, AirPort Extreme, and Ken

Having just moved into my new apartment in Providence, Rhode Island, I was elated to discover that Verizon FIOS was an available option for my television and internet needs. If you’ve never heard of FIOS, it’s essentially a fiber optic cable fed directly into your home capable of providing ludicrous speeds and outstanding response time.

Needless to say I opted for their fasted package. 35Mb Up/Down. This is my result:

This is my result
Verizon FIOS - results

Now we’re cooking with lasers! So far so good… but after getting everything hooked up and configured, there were a few random bits that weren’t working; namely MobileMe, Back to my Mac, and Synergy.

Thanks to Ken Yegelski’s really awesome blog post over at his blog Just One Point of View, I was up and running in a snap. His trick involved diving into the modem/router combo that Verizon provides you, and configuring the IP address range to accomodate for the 10.0.x.x IP’s that OSX is used to, and putting the AirPort Extreme into Bridge Mode.

Dead simple, and almost totally effective.

The only thread left hanging for me, is Synergy. Synergy is software installed on multiple machines that run over a network in a client/server fashion, allowing to share a keyboard and a mouse with each other. Previous to having FIOS, everything worked fine; now, my keyboard doesn’t share. Mouse works fine, just no keyboard.

So consider this post a giant thanks and hat-tip to Ken, and a signal flare for experience on configuring Synergy/SynergyKM between OSX and Windows7.

Author: JJJ

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5 thoughts on “Verizon FIOS, AirPort Extreme, and Ken”

    1. I think any/every telecommunications company seems to have low ratings on customer service and support. Thankfully will never have that problem with such awesome happiness engineers everywhere!😀

  1. JJJ – One really (possibly) stupid question. I’ve got passwords and such on my AE and AX. Will the FiOS boxes (only two of them) require those passwords and such or will I have to drop them? I also think I may have the network name hidden as well. I hate to think I give up what little security is available for the additional speed. BTW, I got similar speeds when I plugged into the actiontec with an ethernet cable.

    1. If you do it the way I describe, your ActionTec will be IP address, and your AirPort Extreme will be connected to it with an ethernet cable and have whatever IP you assign it. I did just to keep those two close to each other. (You’ll do this through the ActionTec/Verizon router interface, probably currently located at using whatever its login/pw is. The default pw is usually one of the ID#’s on the ActionTec.)

      Once you’ve got your IP range changed, power off your set-top boxes per Ken’s instructions on his website. I didn’t need to do this, but it’s probably recommended.

      Then visit and log back in to your ActionTec/Verizon interface, and make sure you can see the set-top boxes on your network. At this point I also opted to disable the wireless broadcast of the ActionTec, and use my AirPort Extreme. For me the AE actually identified and suggested using ‘bridge mode’ automatically, my Mac found my AE, and I proceeded with normal config.

      As an example, my AirPort Extreme is setup as a hidden broadcast with WPA2 security, the set-top boxes use the co-ax cable to connect themselves through to the ActionTec, and that’s it. It’s the equivalent of using the ActionTec as your own private ‘switch’ instead of a ‘modem/router.’ You could still connect wired ethernet devices to either the ActionTec or your AirPort Extreme, and they will themselves down into the ActionTec’s IP range and configure themselves.

      Does that make more sense?

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