Meet Stuttter

Stuttter, like WordPress on the surface, is both product and organization.

Spiritually it is a conduit for rethinking WordPress from the outside in. It’s a way to independently test the waters for what we can do with it, without deviating from it’s history, beauty, charm, and chutzpah.

For me, it’s an empty canvas for code, and a place to create without prohibition. For everyone else, hopefully it’s a bunch of little widgets and do-dads that are valuable enough to maybe consider sponsoring or paying for.

The name comes from what happens when I’m nervous, which doesn’t happen very frequently. I struggle to find the sequence of words that I think will most quickly bring calm, so I stumble and stammer for a bit until I find my stride. (Someone I adore, who does this quite endearingly, is Elon Musk.)

There is a brief period of excitement while ideas are unraveling, and that’s what Stuttter represents.

Like how auto-makers take off-the-shelf components and wrap them to design next-generation vehicles; how architects take pre-existing materials and specifications and add their flair and signature; how Apple, Adobe, and Automattic leverage open-source libraries to create beautiful software experiences; Stuttter is how I identify uniquely powerful aspects of open-source GPL friendly software, and extract them into neatly packaged design implementations for WordPress.

Right now, you can follow Stuttter on GitHub, Flox,, and Packagist, until we get some websites up. Here are the first pass logo and icon, if you’re interested in using them:stuttter


Author: JJJ

BuddyPress, bbPress, BackPress, WordPress. Flox, 10up, Automattic.

10 thoughts on “Meet Stuttter”

    1. Most of them are, and even though it’s not hard to make them so, it’s not critical to launch. Someone will say the same thing about objects, minification, sass/less, unit tests, and just about any other complication, too. Not including some thing isn’t because that thing isn’t valuable, it’s because other things were more-so at the time. A few people have already stepped up to help with many of these things, which is a hidden benefit of releasing early: other people might help when they couldn’t have before.

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